Fire Sprinkler Winterization in Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix doesn’t freeze very often, but any rare freeze can damage your fire sprinkler system and cost you in repairs to the system and your building if you are not prepared. Even if your building uses a dry fire sprinkler system (sprinkler pipes don’t usually contain water), you will still need to be certain there is no water building up from condensation. Also, any backflow prevention device in your fire protection system should be prepared for a potential freeze. There are no specific fire sprinkler winterization procedures - but, the risk of freezing makes proper maintenance & inspection of your sprinkler system that much more critical.

If you aren’t already following a proper inspection & maintenance schedule, fall is a great time to get back on track and make sure everything is working & maintained properly. RCI Fire Systems serves the greater Phoenix, AZ area and our certified experts will get your fire protection system back up-to-date and ready for anything Phoenix weather can throw at it!

Contact RCI Fire Systems today (480-894-8711) with any of your fire protection needs or questions. In addition to inspection, maintenance, design, build, and repair - we also offer 24/7 emergency services.

Fire protection equipment to ‘winterize’

RCI Fire can help you maintain the following fire protection equipment around Phoenix:

  • Fire Sprinkler Pipes
    • CPVC Fire Sprinkler Pipe
    • Copper Fire Sprinkler Pipe
    • Dry Fire Sprinkler System
  • Fire Protection Backflow Prevention Devices
  • Fire Sprinkler Control Valves
  • Fire Sprinkler Drum Drips

How to prepare your system for winter:

Depending on the type of fire sprinkler system you have, there are things you can do to make sure it is ready for anything. If you run into any issues, or want us to take care of everything - contact RCI Fire.

Dry Sprinkler System Prep

  • Drain all low points in the system
  • Keep an eye on the riser or pump rooms
    • Should stay above 40°F if outside

Wet Sprinkler System Prep

  • The entire system should be kept above 40°F
  • This is the safe temperature range to prevent potential freeze

Antifreeze System Prep

  • Some wet sprinkler systems have antifreeze added to prevent freezing
  • Check your system’s antifreeze levels regularly - levels typically dilute over time, which makes it less effective

Regardless of the type of fire protection system you have, it's best to create, and stick to, an inspection & maintenance schedule. This will ensure your system is up to code and works properly in case of emergency.

Let RCI Fire handle your fire sprinkler maintenance before winter

RCI Fire has been designing, building, installing - and maintaining fire sprinklers in the Phoenix area for years. Even though it does not freeze here often, it is best to make sure your fire protection system is prepared for anything. Fall is a great time to contact RCI Fire to inspect & test your fire sprinklers. Call RCI at 480-894-8711 or contact us online to schedule an inspection or get a quote for repairs.

RCI Fire also offers 24/7 emergency service if a crisis occurs. Call the fire department and your insurance company before calling fire protection contractors to make repairs. Stay aware of where your shut-off valves are located so you can turn off the right part of the system if a pipe bursts.