24/7 Emergency Fire Protection for Phoenix, AZ

For RCI Fire Systems, emergency response is a critical part of being one of Arizona’s largest fire sprinkler companies. RCI will be there for you 24/7-365 if a crisis occurs with your sprinklers, alarm system, or any other fire protection system component. We will make sure the crisis is resolved and quickly provide any necessary repairs or maintenance.

RCI’s team of over 75 fire protection experts, including experienced installers and leading-edge engineers, are on call 24 hours a day to provide fire protection emergency services for issues large or small - no matter the time.

Our service area includes most of the Phoenix metro valley area, with our main office in Tempe, AZ. If necessary, we can quickly dispatch our 24/7 fire protection emergency team to your location.

Potential Fire Protection System Emergencies:

  • Excess water flow
  • Fire system discharge
  • Fire department dispatch
  • Low air supervisory alarms
  • Running air compressor or fire pump issues
  • Frozen drum drips
  • Frozen sprinkler pipes
  • Dry system trips
  • Pinhole leaks
  • Alarm panel issues
  • Communications failures
  • Smoke detector silencing

Call Now - or Save for an Emergency

(480) 894-8711 for 24/7 emergency fire protection in the Phoenix area

Contact RCI Fire Systems for an emergency with your fire sprinkler or alarm - or if you just need to schedule your annual inspection. RCI is Phoenix’s 24-hour full-service fire protection company with a reputation for quality workmanship and customer satisfaction.