Backflow Testing in Phoenix & Arizona

RCI Fire Systems services, installs, and repairs backflow prevention devices across Arizona. Individual cities/towns in Arizona have varying codes, standards, and requirements. For instance: Phoenix, AZ & Mesa, AZ both require annual inspections by qualified testers - like RCI. Our skilled backflow technicians will follow your local municipality when inspecting or servicing your backflow prevention device. If your annual inspection is approaching, or you have any questions about backflow, prevention, or local Arizona requirements - contact RCI Fire Systems today!

What is Backflow?

Backflow prevents a risk of contaminating Arizona’s clean public water supply. It occurs when potentially contaminated water reverses flow (backflows) back into the potable water supply. Backflow can occur in a variety of ways, like a residential hose sitting in standing water, but more often with cross connection systems like boilers, irrigation, and fire prevention systems.

Backflow can allow harmful contaminants like heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, and waste to flow back into Arizona’s drinking water - unless it is properly prevented & monitored.

Preventing Backflow in Arizona

Because water contamination poses a public health risk, local municipalities across Arizona have put regulations & requirements in place for businesses to prevent backflow from their private systems.

Backflow regulations in Arizona may include:

  • Primary (and secondary) backflow prevention methods
  • Annual testing to ensure proper installation & operation - reported to the municipality
  • Backflow testers must be certified by the municipality - sometimes fire prevention testers are separately certified
  • Permit from city for installation of backflow prevention device

Backflow Prevention Devices

Backflow prevention devices are essentially valves that close and prevent dirty water from reversing flow into clean water - whether through a pressure change or siphoning. There are a variety of devices available, and the correct setup needs to be determined by experts based on your specific situation. “Not all backflow prevention assemblies meet minimum requirements.” (City of Mesa backflow prevention program)

Backflow Inspection & Service in Tempe & Arizona

RCI Fire Systems provides quality backflow inspection, service & installation throughout Arizona from our Tempe office. Our expert technicians are certified for backflow inspections & repair on domestic, irrigation, and fire devices - and we will follow the regulations specific to your city or town.

RCI backflow testing can include:

  • Inspecting the backflow preventor control valves for proper position, general condition and accessibility.
  • Inspecting the general condition of backflow preventers, piping, drains, test ports and related equipment.
  • Inspecting and performing required annual performance differential test.
  • If our inspection reveals anything - RCI is qualified to service backflow prevention devices, repair any broken devices, and even replace irrigation & fire system devices.

Arizona Backflow Testing by RCI

RCI Fire Systems is here to help with any of your Arizona backflow-related needs - whether you’re installing a new assembly, repairing an old one, or just need your annual inspection. Contact us today to set up an appointment & have your questions answered!

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