Fire Sprinkler Systems in Phoenix & Arizona

RCI Fire Systems services & installs a complete line of wet & dry fire suppression systems. We offer skilled estimators, leading-edge engineering, and experienced installers to make sure our customers’ are protected from fire.

Since 1993, RCI Fire Systems has installed relatively simple & extremely complex fire sprinkler & suppression systems in Phoenix and throughout Arizona - including for ASU and the Phoenix Art Museum. 

Much of our staff holds NICET (National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies) and/or CSA (Compliance Services & Assessments) certification - and RCI as a whole maintains membership with the following organizations:

  • NFPA - National Fire Protection Association
  • NFSA - National Fire Sprinkler Association
  • AFSA - American Fire Sprinkler Association
  • SFPE - Society of Fire Protection Engineers

Required Fire Sprinkler Inspection in Arizona

Different cities, towns, and municipalities in Arizona have different requirements when it comes to fire sprinkler system inspections - and your insurance provider may have their own requirements. Furthermore, specific components of the sprinkler systems require testing & inspections at different times per the NFPA 25 fire code standard. For instance, Phoenix AZ fire code requires quarterly visual inspections which may be completed by your staff, annual NFPA 25 inspections, as well as a 5-year inspection - all for wet sprinkler systems.

Fire Sprinkler Maintenance

Keeping up with inspections & maintenance for your building fire sprinkler system not only keeps you code compliant. It also ensures your system remains in good condition and is up-to-date with any new regulations - lasting longer and keeping your building safe. After any RCI fire sprinkler inspection, we will provide information for any necessary or recommend repairs, maintenance, or updates.

Arizona Fire Sprinkler Installation

Expert technicians are not all RCI Fire Systems brings to the table when installing fire sprinklers in Phoenix and throughout Arizona. We collaborate effectively with all parties involved: property owners, contractors, and architects. Any sprinkler system install project with RCI protects from fire without sacrificing the building functionality or aesthetics.

Fire Sprinkler Design for Unique Cases

RCI can design & install sprinkler systems to address numerous types of buildings, even those with special considerations or hazards. We’ve worked on large condominiums, academic lab buildings, and art museums. RCI Fire Systems can also coordinate retrofits or repairs to minimize interference with operation, as we did with Phoenix City Hall.

Sprinkler & Suppression Types Serviced

  • Wet systems
  • Pre-action systems
  • Dry systems in coolers or freezers
  • Standpipes
  • Fire hoses
  • Fire hydrants

24/7 Emergency Fire Sprinkler Service in Arizona

If you’re experiencing an emergency with your fire sprinkler system - or any component of your fire protection - in our service area, contact RCI Fire Systems immediately by calling (480) 894-8711. Our emergency repair & response teams are on-hand to help you during a crisis and with any repairs/maintenance that follow. We know that fire protection issues are not restricted to business hours.

Contact RCI for Fire Sprinklers in Arizona

RCI aims to be the 24/7 full-service fire protection contractor to Phoenix and Arizona, especially when it comes to fire sprinkler systems. We’re here whether you need an estimate for new construction or a retrofit, expert installation - or it’s just time for your sprinkler inspection. Contact RCI Fire Systems today for quality workmanship, dependable service, and competitive prices on fire sprinkle design, installation, repair, and inspection.

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