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Commercial Fire Sprinkler Tax Incentive [2020] in Phoenix, AZ

Because of recent tax law updates - you may qualify for tax incentives related to fire sprinklers in commercial buildings. The drive behind these changes is to protect life & property as well as stimulate the economy - but what it means for you is that you may be able to write-off the entire cost of installing, improving, or expanding a fire sprinkler system in your commercial building. Req…

Fire Sprinkler Winterization in Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix doesn’t freeze very often, but any rare freeze can damage your fire sprinkler system and cost you in repairs to the system and your building if you are not prepared. Even if your building uses a dry fire sprinkler system (sprinkler pipes don’t usually contain water), you will still need to be certain there is no water building up from condensation. Also, any backflow prevention device …